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by Denis Towne II Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

Does Office Depot have third party sellers?

“Marketplace Retailer” means any third-party entity or retailer that sells goods or services in the Office Depot Marketplace through the Site.

How do you become an Office Depot supplier?

Office Depot, Inc....Here are the 6 steps you need to take to have your product placed in Office Depot.Start with the right questions.) ... Be prepared to profit.) ... Determine if Office Depot is the right store for your product.) ... Pitch your product to Office Depot.) ... Complete the required Office Depot paperwork.)More items...

Are OfficeMax and Office Depot the same?

On February 20, 2013, an all-stock merger between Office Depot and OfficeMax was announced. The merger was completed on November 5, creating the largest U.S. office-supplies chain. The OfficeMax name continues to serve as a brand of The ODP Corporation.

Does Office Depot manufacture products?

Smead continues to grow as consumer needs change. Smead manufactures and distributes nearly 2,000 products. More than 400 of those products are available through Office Depot.

Where is the headquarters of Office Depot?

Boca Raton, FLThe ODP Corporation / Headquarters

What is Office Depot's mission statement?

Office Depot Mission Statement We are a single source for everything customers need to be more productive, including the latest technology, core office supplies, print and document services, business services, facilities products, furniture, and school essentials.

Does Staples own OfficeMax?

An acquisition by Staples would leave just one big-box office supplies chain store in the country after Office Depot acquired OfficeMax in 2013. December was a busy month for ODP. The company sold its CompuCom IT business — for less than a third of what it paid for it in 2017.

Is Staples and OfficeMax the same thing?

Staples merged with Office Max more than a year ago.

Is Staples still buying Office Depot?

Staples and Office Depot ultimately struck a deal to merge, but it was doomed by the Federal Trade Commission. With the deal dead, Staples was acquired by Sycamore Partners in a leveraged buyout in 2017.

Who bought out Office Depot?

StaplesOn February 4, 2015, it was announced that rival Staples had agreed to purchase Office Depot, in a cash and stock deal worth approximately $6.3 billion.

Who owns OfficeMax?

The ODP CorporationOfficeMax / Parent organization

Who is bigger Staples or Office Depot?

Staples had more than 1,300 locations, while Office Depot had more than 1,500 following its merger with OfficeMax several years prior. Both, though, had committed to closing down locations. Today, Staples has 1,068 locations, and Office Depot has fewer than 1,250.

What company owns Staples?

Sycamore PartnersStaples / Parent organizationSycamore Partners is a private equity firm based in New York specializing in retail and consumer investments. The firm has approximately $10 billion in aggregate committed capital. Wikipedia

How to contact Office Depot for return authorization?

Contact Office Depot Customer Service at (888) 777-4044 for the return authorization. (UCLA Account Number: 90240294) Supplier will issue a credit memo and UCLA Accounts Payable will process it upon receipt. You don’t need to take action in BruinBuy.

How to cancel an Office Depot order?

(UCLA Account Number: 90240294) 2. Upon order cancellation, go to BruinBuy > My Orders or All Orders page to Cancel the related purchase order. 3.

How to cancel a purchase order on BruinBuy?

Upon retrieval, select the bubble to the left of the “Order Num” and click on the “Cancel” icon to close the order. Please confirm with the vendor that the order has been cancelled before you close the PO. 2.

Does BruinBuy automatically add to SSO?

Note: Your Favorite Items in BruinBuy will not be automatically added to the SSO Office Depot website. You can manually create a Shopping List containing your Favorite Items, on the SSO Office Depot website.

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