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ocde vendor portal

by Prof. Elyssa Cartwright DVM Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

What is the CDA vendor/tenant portal?

The CDA Vendor/Tenant Portal is an on-line system that provides vendors and airport tenants access to important financial information and online forms. Vendors can track invoice processing as well as submit required forms such as the Expenditure Approval, Status Rate Change and Travel Authorization form.

What is OCDE's strategic plan 2016-19?

Strategic Plan 2016-19 OCDE’s vision that Orange County students will lead the nation in college and career readiness and success is outlined, along with eight strategic priorities and key performance indicators. View the online version, or contact Media Services for a printed version. Voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations

How do I contact the vendor hotline?

Contact Us Email: [email protected] Phone:718-935-2300 Close Feedback Reset Password Bidders Information Close

How does the OECD's procurement process work?

The OECD's procurement process is guided by the principles of transparency, fairness, competition, and best Value 4 Money, reflected throughout the selection and award process. This platform helps you to submit an on-line application for registration, first step to participate to our on-line tendering processes.

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