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How do I become a vendor in NYC?

Register to become a vendor Register with the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal PASSPort. Vendors no longer can enroll in commodities for NYC solicitations through the Payee Information Portal (PIP), although they may still manage their payments through PIP. New vendors may now select and enroll in commodities using PASSPort.

How do I contact New York City Schools vendor hotline?

(Open external link). NEW: New York City has discontinued its extended time frame for processing payments to vendors to prioritize emergency purchases and services in response to the COVID relief effort. For questions, email [email protected] .

How do I enroll in commodities for NYC solicitations?

Vendors no longer can enroll in commodities for NYC solicitations through the Payee Information Portal (PIP), although they may still manage their payments through PIP. New vendors may now select and enroll in commodities using PASSPort. Enrolling in commodities through PASSPort will add your organization to the City's bidders lists.

Does the Department of Education have a relationship with its vendors?

On this page... On this page are links to open solicitations, awarded contracts and other information useful to vendors. The Department of Education values its relationship with its vendors. We believe that a fair, competitive process ensures value in our procurements.


Is Amazon a NYC DOE vendor?

The Amazon contract will last three years, with an option to renew for two additional years. According to the DOE's official request to contract with Amazon, this will confirm Amazon as NYC's “primary distributor of electronic textbooks and related educational materials”, beating out Overdrive.

How do I become a vendor in NYC?

To sell food on the street you must obtain both a Food Vendor license and a permit for the cart or vehicle from the NYC's Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). Licenses are not limited and one can get a license to work on the vehicle/cart of someone who has a permit.

What is a vendor portal?

Vendor Portals, also known as Supplier Portals, are platforms that allow businesses to connect and collaborate with their third-party suppliers on the internet.

What is NYC vendor number?

(212) 857-1680Vendors who have questions or issues regarding online enrollment should contact the Vendor Enrollment Center at (212) 857-1680 or via email at [email protected]

How much is a NYC vendors license?

$50RequirementsIf You File Your Application Between These Dates:License Fee Option 1From April 1 in an odd year to September 30 in an odd yearPay $50 for a license expiring September 30 of the same odd year. (Valid for at most 6 months.)3 more rows

How do I register as a vendor in NY?

What you will Business account. ... application checklist.Form DTF-17.1, Business Contact and Responsible Person Questionnaire.instructions for the application for a sales tax Certificate of Authority.

Why is a vendor portal required?

Vendor Portals are required for any company that works with multiple vendors, as it provides an easy and secure way for the business and their vendors to track orders, raise concerns and communicate, and ensure that both parties are on the same page.

How do you make a vendor portal?

0:348:24Tutorial: How to create a vendor portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipGo click the settings button and select service portal click configure your service portal button inMoreGo click the settings button and select service portal click configure your service portal button in the pop-up window set the portal name and the portal url. Set the portal type as private.

Why is vendor portal important?

Vendor portals help to streamline transactions through the automation of processes and the subsequent reduction in the amount of administrative tasks required to be performed by employees.

How do I get a NYC vendor ID?

Establishing a PASSPort vendor account is a two-step process: 1) create a NYC.ID using a valid email address, and 2) request an account using NYC.ID credentials. Accounts may be requested by a principal or designee who is officially authorized to conduct business with the City on behalf of the vendor organization.

How do I find my NYS vendor ID?

The Vendor ID is a ten-digit identifier issued by New York State when the vendor is registered on the Statewide Vendor File. This number must now be included on the questionnaire. If the business entity has not obtained a Vendor ID, contact the OSC Help Desk at [email protected] or call 866-370-4672.

How do I get a NYS vendor ID number?

If you don't have a NYS Vendor ID, contact the OSC Helpdesk to request one....VendorsGo to our Online Services Portal.Select “Enroll Now”Select “Business” and then select “Start Enrollment”

How do I get a food vendor permit in NYC?

You will have to complete an application and bring it to the Department of Consumer Affairs Licensing Center or the NYC Small Business Support Center. The centers are closed on major holidays. If you need to take an exam, you should arrive before 3 PM.

Is it legal to sell on the street in NYC?

General Merchandise Many vendors selling these items on the street are illegal and if caught, their merchandise could be confiscated by the police. A person must obtain a license from the Department of Consumer Affairs.

How do I get a food vendor license in NYC?

An application for a new license must be submitted in person by the applicant; none will be accepted by mail or by a representative of the applicant. All applicants must register and pay for a mobile food vending food protection course at the time they apply for a license.

Can I sell food from my home in NY?

Selling Home Made Foods If you plan to prepare and sell foods and are not eligible for a Home Processor exemption, you will need to obtain a Food Service Establishment permit from your local health department. Your home kitchen cannot be used, however a separate kitchen located in your residence may be acceptable.

How to contact vendor hotline in NY?

For further assistance, please contact the Vendor Hotline at 718-935-2300 or by emailing them at [email protected]

Who oversees the DOE's participation in the E rate program?

The Office of Federal and State Regulatory Compliance (OFSRC) oversees the DOE’s participation in the E-Rate program. To report misuse of E-Rate funding please call 1-718-625-2682 or 1-888-203-8100, or visit the universal service administrative company whistleblower webpage. link off.

Do vendors have to submit invoices to another office?

Vendors with POs that require invoicing to another office should continue to submit those invoices as normal, unless contacted by that office to arrange for alternative electronic delivery of invoices. Vendors who use Vendor Portal or EDI for invoicing should continue to submit those invoices as normal.

2. Register to be notified of new procurements

Register with the City Record On-Line (CROL) to subscribe or view bid notices online.

3. Responding to Bid Solicitations

DCAS's citywide solicitations are available in electronic format via City Record On-Line (CROL). In order to view and download the documents, you must enroll with CROL.

Get Started

Sign Up link off (Open external link) To get started you will need to first create a new account by signing in initially as a “new user” with your own personal email address or that of your school. You may use your previous email address as long as you register (the first time) for a new account.

Universal Search, Images and Product Information

You will continue to be able to browse a large selection of books, computer/audio-visual hardware equipment, software and media available at DOE contracted prices by using the search box to search the entire catalog of products.

Save and Share

Shopping carts can be saved for future use and they can be shared with the person at your school who is responsible for placing orders as PDF or Excel files.

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